Lauren for ALA Council

Many of you know that I am a supporter of ALA. Since first getting involved, I have found it to be a rewarding experience and have met many inspirational colleagues through the organization. I’ve also seen that there are things that need to change to align the organization with the expectations of people today. As […]

Hope for ALA pt 2/3 (or: Why I love ALA Connect)

I was thinking of the different ALA type posts I have in mind to write, and I realized it’s actually a series of three. One on LITA and how I think it’s poised to show the larger association what is possible and how to be relevant for library workers of today and tomorrow, one on […]

ALA/LITA Elections

hi gang. It’s that time of year again: ALA Elections! Any ALA member should get their ballot information this week, between March 17 and 19.  If you’re interested in the direction the association takes, and an ALA member, please remember to vote.  If you’re also a LITA member, please keep reading. I believe in the […]