• Got in, checked 43 folders, email, paper on desk
  • Made oatmeal & tea
  • Checked in with Toodledo again and picked out my MITs
  • Got in touch with someone on my team about getting a computer for the student worker we have starting next week
  • Wrote out thoughts on some projects to email out


  • Lots more email
  • A little more planning for the day


  • We had a welcome party for a new staff member


  • Participated in several impromptu meetings with different colleagues on different projects (both existing and possible)


  • Lunch with Leif and John!
  • On the way back, heard an interesting story on NPR about a book, Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love. Stayed in car for a few minutes to finish the story. I am the philosophy and women’s and gender studies liaison at my library, so this story was interesting to me from a few perspectives.


  • Replied to a few critical emails.
  • Grabbed another hot beverage and got to work ordering… for philosophy, women’s and gender studies, and the teaching and learning center. I’m well behind where I should be this year since I was out for three months and have been fitting the work I used to do in the evenings into the work day. I’ve blocked out Wednesday afternoons from here on out to spend more time ordering.


  • Met with someone from the Cisco side of the Fellow position; talked about educational technology at my institution, the library’s role in working with faculty on educational technology, and institutional culture.


  • Planned to meet with a colleague to talk about wikis, but he was in a meeting that was running long. I used the time to catch up a bit with reference staff (nearby) and to talk with my boss’s boss about a few projects that are coming up.
  • Huge snowflakes falling outside!!


  • Another meeting outside the library.


  • Met with the colleague to talk about wikis before a class on Friday that he’s leading. He’s a pro at all things tech, but I had been planning to do that section of the class. Another meeting got called at the same time so he’s going to cover it.


  • Met with Fellow to go over the Cisco visit today.


  • Wrapping up things  now in hopes I can get out of the building and to the daycare by just after 5:00!
My name is Lauren Pressley. This is where I think out loud, document what I'm doing, and share the things that I like. I'm the Director for Learning Environments at Virginia Tech University Libraries and author of a few books. This blog focuses on libraries, education, information, & the internet. When not at work or blogging, I spend most of my time with John and our son, Leif.

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