Shovers and Makers 2009

Shovers and Makers 2009: I’m a winner! (So are you.)

Have I mentioned recently that I love Library Society of the World? ‘Cause I do. The brainchild of Joshua Neff, this inclusive, loose-knit, do it yourself group is a great source of energy and enthusiasm for the profession.

And they have their own awards now, too.

This year, Steve Lawson created the Shovers and Makers awards. And if you feel you are part of LSW, that you are shoving the profession into the future, and making a difference, you can self-award yourself. :)

I finally got a bit of time to write mine up just a minute ago. After, as Jason points out, more Shovers and Makers were awarded this year than Movers and Shakers.

LSW is a great group. They are not only a great professional network, but a lot of fun, too. Check them out! And if you see yourself in their mission, go ahead and give yourself the Shovers and Makers award, too!