home sick…

…in between napping, I’ve been doing a little reading. I’m not feeling up to contributing, but I’d like to point folks to a link list and summary of a Reading 2.0 discussion in San Francisco. It looks like it was really interesting.

On another note, Computers in Libraries is ongoing, and I’m following the blog coverage. Meredith Farkas posted about a session that in part talked about training (a growing interest of mine) through OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries):

• OPAL is a loose collaborative that involves libraries of all types and sizes (Library of Congress, small public, state libraries, etc.).
• They are not an actual organization so they work through the Alliance Library System..
• Funding is provided primarily through membership dues and support from the groups that founded OPAL.
• Members must provide at least two public programs.

sounds like a fantastic opportunity for participating libraries…

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