Your Job, Learning, and Having Fun

I just had a conversation with a professional friend about work. It reminded me of some of my earliest professional experiences, so we talked a bit about those. I hadn’t spent much time thinking about that period of my career lately, and the context I’ve gained with time helped me understand it better–and helped me […]

Maintenance Work and Creative Work

I recently came a realization that helped me to think about work in a very useful way. Some work is “maintenance work” (I originally thought “hygiene,” but “maintenance” sounds better) and some is “creative.” When I’m thinking about work, I think about maintenance as: Things that have to be done that don’t seem to add […]

Who we are when we’re not in the library

Another topic I’ve been thinking about lately is professional identity. I know a lot of people who are happy to come in to work eight hours a day, but don’t plan to continue their work at home. I know others who seem to spend every waking minute on some aspect of their professional life. I […]