THATCamp Southeast Recap

I had the good fortune to attend THATCamp over the weekend. I’ve blogged my notes from day one and two, and I have written up a post for my colleagues at ZSR focused on the logistics and the most relevant take aways for us in my library. This post is more reflective in general. First […]

THATCamp pt 2: Digital Pedagogy & Digital Humanities

The session I went to on the second day was close to my heart: it focused at the intersection of digital pedagogy and digital humanities. One of the themes at the conference has been that digital humanists build things (whether with code or without), and doesn’t necessarily push on digital pedagogy. Reading is a first […]

#THATCamp Southeast begins: Less Yack, More Hack

I’m at THATCamp with some WFU colleagues. The day started out with figuring out the schedule. People put program ideas up on a schedule and people voted to come up with the final program. Next up was an explanation of the day. It was a packed day until 5:15! It’s really a lovely model. There […]