how does content creation fit in with the future of libraries?

I’ve had some great conversations this week about the role of librarians in the future. Most of these have arisen from the LITA session on libraries in 2023 that I didn’t attend, but I did listen to via the LITA Podcast. These conversations have been really interesting. We’ve talked about reference librarians who don’t necessarily […]

buy or lease content?

Recently I read somewhere that all geeks should be subscribed to XM or Sirius Radio. And like any good geek, I looked into the services. And it’s a lot of money! I have a hard time justifying the $100+ dollars I’d have to pay per device plus the monthly subscription rate. With that much money […]

blog preservation

As folks who know me in person know, I really think preservation of online media is of growing importance.  Super important, really. If you have an opinion (either way) you might want to help some folks at UNC-Ch out with their survey on blog preservation: .  It took me about 10 minutes.