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I had big plans for the night. They included two hours of time alone in my office and an interesting lecture. Instead we got a surprise snow storm and an early University closing. So instead of the post that would take an hour or so to map out, you’re getting the short post of what’s […]

THATCamp pt 2: Digital Pedagogy & Digital Humanities

The session I went to on the second day was close to my heart: it focused at the intersection of digital pedagogy and digital humanities. One of the themes at the conference has been that digital humanists build things (whether with code or without), and doesn’t necessarily push on digital pedagogy. Reading is a first […]

NCLA Library Instruction 2.0

On Monday and Tuesday I participated in the NCLA Library Instruction 2.0 Conference. I participated on a panel on instruction 2.0 strategies, and in a workshop on using Google Docs/products for teaching. Between that, and having a class (oh, the irony!) that I had to teach back at Wake, I didn’t have much time to […]