Your Job, Learning, and Having Fun

I just had a conversation with a professional friend about work. It reminded me of some of my earliest professional experiences, so we talked a bit about those. I hadn’t spent much time thinking about that period of my career lately, and the context I’ve gained with time helped me understand it better–and helped me […]

Lots of Fun Library Stuff Lately!

The past several days have been jam-packed with fun stuff, though I haven’t been as engaged with the social networks/blogs during that time. In case you’re curious, I’m chalking that up to being very tired, and using most of my awake time for my day job and last minute baby prep. That being said, I’ve […]

Notes: Predictors for Success: Hiring and Developing Library Professionals

Lesley Farmer, California State University Long Beach Dr. Farmer gave a presentation on a study she did on the critical factors that lead to success. She discussed academic preparation, the timeline of the career (the first few years can be difficult), expectations of work, and succession planning. Here research focused on teacher-librarians (I’m assuming school […]