A Midwinter Summary

Cross posted at my work’s professional development blog. This was a fun ALA for me, though I didn’t get (or stay) out as much as I typically do.  Little boy Borwick is already making his presence known in the form of hijacking my schedule for resting. I tried to pick activities wisely, and I still […]

ALA, so far

ALA snuck up on me this year, despite falling later on the calendar. This year is also a big one for me, as I had a pre-conference, discussion group, and a book-signing on my calendar. Kaeley McMahan (my pre-conference co-presenter) and I flew in and are rooming together. It’s a first for me to have […]

ALA/LITA Elections

hi gang. It’s that time of year again: ALA Elections! Any ALA member should get their ballot information this week, between March 17 and 19.  If you’re interested in the direction the association takes, and an ALA member, please remember to vote.  If you’re also a LITA member, please keep reading. I believe in the […]