Your Job, Learning, and Having Fun

I just had a conversation with a professional friend about work. It reminded me of some of my earliest professional experiences, so we talked a bit about those. I hadn’t spent much time thinking about that period of my career lately, and the context I’ve gained with time helped me understand it better–and helped me […]

A Bit on Learning Environments

As is so often the case, a blog languishes when a lot is going on. Over the past year and a half a lot has been going on: a new job, family stuff, and most recently some new focuses at work. It’s an exciting time to be at Tech. We’re aligning more closely with our […]

Lunch with Lynda (1/3): Reframing Reference

Today I had a delightful lunch with Lynda and we challenged each other to blog the conversation to see where our overlaps are for a potential future project. From my perspective, the conversation fell into three parts, so welcome to my three part series: Lunch with Lynda. Reframing Reference Librarians in the 21st Century Professional Personas […]