Lunch with Lynda (2/3): Librarians in the 21st Century

So continuing on the lunchtime themes from yesterday, we also had a good talk about what librarians are and could be. Again, this is a topic that I’ve been ruminating on for a while, and Lynda always sheds good light on things like this. Here’s the basic idea: Over time, librarians have evolved from being […]

What a Week

Some weeks are crazier than others, and last week was certainly that for me. I’m still catching up with email, and just now getting my feet on the ground. Even with that, it’s awesome to get so much taken care of in such a short amount of time. In the spirit of A Day In […]

A Friday in my Library Life

Today was moving day! I came in and chatted a bit with Elizabeth at the reference desk one last morning, finished up packing, and checked it a little bit online. No tea. Did vacuum and wipe down all surfaces and drawers. Then, some coworkers helped me cart and carry my things down to the new […]