Online First Instructional Design

I don’t really blog much anymore, but wanted to capture an idea, in case it is useful later. I was talking with a colleague today about how online learning fits into thinking about instruction in general. In the course of the conversation I realized that the way I think about how the two fit together is […]

On the Relationship Between the Web and Instruction

I have spent a majority of my professional life focused on two areas: learning and instruction & the web. I find these areas to be the most fascinating to me, and I love them equally, though they might not appear related at first glance. Much of traditional library instruction is teaching people how to navigate […]

Make It Easier To Learn

I am really enjoying listening to Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman.  It’s good enough I’m probably going to want it on paper by the end of the book. I was interested in it due to my interest in clear thinking, but I also had a predisposition to be interested in the author due […]