McLuhan, the Medium, the Containers, and Libraries

Before diving in, a bit on where I’m coming from: One of my majors was Communication, and McLuhan was a major topic in several of my classes. Though I don’t find his writing as readable as some others, his ideas resonate with me. A personal area of interest for me is the field of Science, […]

Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg, and the Potential of Computers

When reading Kay and Goldberg’s Personal Dynamic Media I found myself, again, surprised by how much they got right. This time it was less of a surprise, as it was written nearer today’s time and they helped create the technology we know, but I was still struck with a sense of “wow, they got it!” […]

2013: Are we there yet?

This week, for the New Media Seminar, we read Ted Nelson‘s 1965 Complex information processing: a file structure for the complex, the changing and the indeterminate¬†(sorry the latter link is behind a paywall). I don’t have much time to write on it, but the main thing that struck me is how far we’ve come. In […]