Circulating Ideas Episode

Recently, a colleague and friend of mine, Lynda Kellam, and I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Steve Thomas for Circulating Ideas. The interview has posted, so if you’re so inclined, please check it out! The interview was loosely focused around a series of blog posts that Lynda and I did a while back, […]


This was my second ALA in Anaheim. The main thing I remembered about the last conference that was held there was that I had a very hard time making it to events on time. The blocks in Anaheim are longer than they appear on a map, and hotels are very spread out. Luckily, this time, […]

Hope for ALA pt 3/3 (or: Another Association of Change)

Hope for ALA pt 1/3: ALA/LITA Elections Hope for ALA pt 2/3: Why I Love ALA Connect After attending ACRL (for the first time), I think there’s something to talk about there, too. ACRL was a cosponsor of the first virtual conference I ever attended. That was three years ago, and it seems like every […]