Cristina Yu

Last week one of my colleagues, Cristina Yu, passed away after a struggle with an illness. We knew she was sick for a while. I actually measure it in library time, because I first realized she had more than a cold last ALA. She was an energetic member of the library faculty, her husband is […]

My Library Roots and Routes

Here’s a post on my roots and my routes, for the Library Routes Project. Ned Potter asked me to participate in this before the holidays, but as has been the case lately, I’m just now getting around to contributing…. It’s a great project. The idea is that library bloggers tell their story of how they […]

Fun News (though not so library related)….

So my husband and I have a BIG project that we’ve been working on and we’ve finally decided to share it online…. we’re expecting!  The baby is due in May 2010, a time which seems to be hurtling towards us at the speed of light. It’s been a rough three months. I’ve been completely exhausted, […]