The Importance of a Research Agenda

I’ve been having conversations lately about the importance of a research agenda. To me, it seems very closely to the discussion of goals that pops up from time to time. Some of my professional friends swear by goals, others swear by taking opportunities as they arise. (My answer, in that debate, is much less about […]

New Media for the Fall Semester

I am thrilled to be involved in the Virginia Tech New Media Faculty Seminar this semester. This interdisciplinary group includes staff, faculty, administrators, and grad students from across the university. I’ve been a fan of “New Media” since I first learned it was a thing, and have been desperate to get back into the classroom despite my schedule […]

The Dog Days of Summer

I seem to remember a time in which summers were calm, and academic years were busy. And I remember the point in which the summers got busier and we all joked about how we’d get through the busy summer and have a restful one again in the future. And I remember the tipping point, where […]