My #ACRL2013 Experience

In my former job, we all posted to a shared blog about conference experiences, and I’d tend to report in great detail. However, (at least to my knowledge) that’s not an expectation at my new institution, and I didn’t take the notes I’d normally take. With that being the case, I still wanted to take […]

A Bit on Backwards Design and Assessment

Last week I had the privilege of presenting at the North Carolina Library Association’s College & University Section and Community & Junior College Libraries Section‘s Assessment Beyond Statistics conference. It’s a really good local conference, that is centrally located for the state, that shifts topics a bit each year to remain relevant to the two […]

A Teaching and Learning Conference

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Elon University Teaching and Learning Conference. I have gotten to go to this several times and always take away something useful from it. Last year it was threshold concepts. This year it was the power of slowing down and reflecting. Not that I had to be […]