A Bit on Learning Environments

As is so often the case, a blog languishes when a lot is going on. Over the past year and a half a lot has been going on: a new job, family stuff, and most recently some new focuses at work. It’s an exciting time to be at Tech. We’re aligning more closely with our […]

A Chapter Ends, A Chapter Begins

Tomorrow I start my new job, at a new library, so though I still have a few posts in the queue related to the work I had been doing, I wanted to write a post about what it was to work at ZSR, mostly for myself, to capture it as I think of it at […]

The Next Chapter

I have been quiet here lately. It’s all the normal reasons: work is busy, several professional obligations, family life is full of adventures. But there’s also been something else going on behind the scene that has taken up a bit of my regular writing time. I just went through an interview process. And I’m thrilled […]