My Philosophy

My Mission:

  • To help libraries adapt.
  • To help position university, college, and community college libraries at the center of academic life.
I believe strongly in The Library as institution and that the world is a better place because of them. I work to help libraries adapt to new and emerging needs of our patrons and connect communities with the power and potential of their libraries. I strive to ensure that future generations will continue to see The Library as a cultural cornerstone that provides information, resources, and spaces for local communities.

My Approach:

  • I am at my best when I can look at things through a systems view, and use that perspective to imagine and create new futures.
  • I seek out opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as synthesizing information, teaching, creating, and strategic planning.
  • I enjoy my work most when I can learn, innovate, share, and inspire.
  • I find enjoyment in my personal life through learning, reflecting, and connecting to those closest to me.
  • I will strive to continue mentoring and paying-it-forward, building community, and learning.

(Made with the aid of the Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder)

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