My #ACRL2013 Experience

In my former job, we all posted to a shared blog about conference experiences, and I’d tend to report in great detail. However, (at least to my knowledge) that’s not an expectation at my new institution, and I didn’t take the notes I’d normally take.

With that being the case, I still wanted to take a second to share some of the things that I participated in and found useful.

For one, I was on two panels. One was on “personas” in libraries, or how strengths and personalities can best be used to meet an organizations’ goals. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on this with former down-the-road colleagues Lynda Kellam and Jenny Dale. If you’re interested in the general gist of the message, here are the slides:

We’re exploring next steps with that idea. The other panel I was on was Hacking the Learner Experience. This panel was organized by Brian Mathews and was a chance to get to collaborate with Andy Burkhardt. We talked about how understanding the learner experience can help inform library instruction and the library’s role at the institution. Slides are here:

Otherwise, it was a conference filled with connections and interesting ideas. I heard several interesting papers, and had many one-on-one conversations: some just sharing in common experiences or catching up, some about brainstorming and ideas, and some about concrete projects that I hope we’re able to pull off.
Time well spent! Now, back to reflecting on some of the new ideas and trying to do some of the things that are so fun to think about!

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