The Next Chapter

I have been quiet here lately. It’s all the normal reasons: work is busy, several professional obligations, family life is full of adventures. But there’s also been something else going on behind the scene that has taken up a bit of my regular writing time.

I just went through an interview process. And I’m thrilled to announce that in February I’ll be joining the University Libraries at Virginia Tech as the Associate Director for Learning and Outreach.

I’ll be reporting to Brian Mathews, Associate Dean for Learning and Outreach, and working on some of the really exciting initiatives and programs on the horizon. Truly, this is a dream position, at a library that is undergoing a transformational moment, at a university with a tagline of “Invent the Future.”

However, it’s also bittersweet to me. I have loved working at ZSR and Wake Forest University and have incredible friends, colleagues, and mentors there. We’ve done some amazing things in the past 9 years, too. I’ll do a post sometime in the next month or two on ZSR. But for now, I just wanted to let you all know about this big change and where I’m going. Exciting times await!