Help Unglue So You Want To Be A Librarian

You guys, I have some exciting news! With’s relaunch, So You Want To Be A Librarian will be a new campaign!

Help Unglue So You Want To Be A Librarian! from lauren pressley on Vimeo.

What’s is something every librarian should be paying attention to. Part crowdsourcing, part open access, part answer to the ebook problem, it’s a solution to some of the most critical issues libraries are facing today. Ungluing a book gives it to the world, so that anyone can access the ebook without Digital Rights Management (DRM), without worrying about how many devices they’ve put it on, and without worrying about legality and compensation issues. Libraries can provide access to unglued books for free, forever, in any format — no need to worry about changing contract terms or pricing.

What’s this book?

I wrote this book as an introduction to the field for those who were interested, but didn’t have any background. I love libraries, and I want people to have a sense of what it is we do and how they can fit in with the work ahead of us in the field.

Librarianship is service-focused profession that is about connecting people and information. This book provides a realistic view of the field, covering a range of different types of libraries, assorted types of positions, and various challenges and changes that make librarianship exciting and keep it from getting old. Who will find it useful?

  • Library students: for its concrete strategies for how best to approach their library school experience;
  • Librarians: as a resource for encouraging people to join us in our work can use this book as a tool to show students, community members, or others all the various ways they can participate in the field;
  • Potential librarians: as a reference source to help point them to further resources and more specific areas of interest.

Why Unglue this book?

The primary audience is a group that doesn’t have funds for extensive book collections. They’re college students and new graduate students. They have student debt, and are responsible for making tuition payments on limited income. Let’s Unglue this book for college students considering the field, and graduate students just starting to explore it.

How can I help Unglue it?

You can go to the campaign, and choose to contribute. There are some really good premiums, as well, depending on how much you choose to contribute. If you have any questions, or want to talk about why or how this process is working, I’d love to chat with you. Thanks for considering helping Unglue this book.

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