Online Digital Collections and Exhibits: libraries & museums

Though my expertise is in instruction and technology, I’ve recently been getting really interested in digital collections. (If you happen to look at my work website, you will have noticed the trend over there.) I’m not necessarily interested in becoming an expert in metadata standards or scanning procedures–though I’d like to know more. What I’m […]

Thank You 750 Words

I’ve been having a hard time finding enough time to think lately. Some of that is the obvious change in my personal life, but some of it was beginning long before Leif. We’re all really busy and are bombarded with new information and have a lot going on. Recently I came across 750Words. Then it […]

What a librarian does

I’ve been trying to get into time tracking lately, just to have a better idea of what I spend my time doing. It turns out I’m really bad at remembering to start and stop a timer. So, instead, this entire week I’ve jotted down a task after it’s completed on a running list. It’s like […]