A Friday Library Day in the Life: Getting Ready for Monday

The final day of Library Day in the Life week was all about getting ready for Monday. Our new Fellow starts then (Hi Gretchen!), and I wanted to make sure that I had all of my ducks in  row… at least as many as I could get in order. So the bulk of the day was spent in meetings or getting things in order. I met with one of my supervisors to start with to make sure the logistics were all in place: that the office was ready, how to go about getting supplies and necessary items, exactly how Monday morning would play out. Next up I met with the Information Systems side of the project via WebEx. We talked about the corporate side of the position, the technology that would be coming, and how budgeting would work. I also worked with a colleague to move a few things out of the office and make sure it was in a good state for Monday morning. Finally, I communicated with my chain of supervisors to let them know the current state of things and what had changed about the position since April when I last met with Information Systems.

I had expected to hear a talk today on Google Books as part of an ILL conference that happened to be at my library, but another colleague who just had a baby stopped by so we compared notes a bit and talked about transitions. I needed the spare time after our talk to finish getting ready for Monday anyway, but am hopeful someone will blog the talk.

So, in about 23 hours of time, that’s my library week! The next one will be more project related and interesting, though I’m hoping that this might be useful for people imagining how maternity leave might play out for them. Here are the days again:

Sunday: I’m back!
Monday: Re-entry
Tuesday: Pomodoros and Zen to Done
Wednesday: planning
Thursday: catching up

And if you’re interested in past weeks, I’ve done this before.

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