ACRL Focus Group

Next up this morning was participation in the ACRL Focus Group for people under 35. It was a really good talk, several people in the room said it was the best thing they had attended at the conference. Some of the themes that emerged:

  • Under 35 people chose to enter this field while the field was changing, so by definition, we’re comfortable with and expect change.
  • Librarians present a lot about Millennials, but since some librarians are Millennials, it would be nice to adapt the conference and organization to meet their needs (the same way we’re adapting libraries and our instruction to meet our Millennial student needs)
  • The group wanted to connect with people, make a difference, and look at cutting edge information that will be useful at their institution.
  • There was a general feeling that the presentations at ACRL are aimed at people who have been in the field for a while, and are the content is not really all that new or all that useful to our institution’s jobs. It was also noted that the setup for presentations is very traditional with the presenter on a pedestal, and the audience sitting and listening. No active learning allowed.
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