An Instruction Kindof Week

I got in from ALA on Tuesday, and pretty much have planned classes and taught nonstop since then. In lieu of a really good series of Day In The Life posts, I’m summarizing here:


I forgot about Midwinter when I agreed to work the reference shift that evening. I also forgot about the evening shift when I agreed to teach a few classes in the morning. So, this ended up being a 13 hour day. That was good, though, I needed the time for preparing for the rest of the week. That day I:

  • Taught a french class how to use a french WordPress installation, and about blogging in general.
  • Taught a french class how to use a french MediaWiki installation, and about wikis and websites in general.
  • Spent 5 hours at the reference desk.
  • Replied to mission critical email from when I was at ALA, triaged the rest.
  • Prepped for the rest of the week’s classes.

I went home and hung out with my husband for a little bit, but then kept preparing for presentations till 2ish.


This was the most stressful day of the week. I started the day with a class on podcasting for an exercise and health sciences class, but the installation of MovieMaker wasn’t working on my computer. Luckily, Susan was there to save the day, and found a loaner laptop. I don’t think the students noticed anything too stressful about the session.

Next up I taught a session on syllabi for the Teaching and Learning Center. I was nervous about this because the audience is different from the traditional library classes, larger, and it was my first TLC class. We had 27 sign up, too. The crowd was chatty, so I moved towards a facilitated discussion class within the first 5 minutes. You can find the handout on my teaching blog. Here’s the presentation:

Then it was screenshot day for LIB100. This was much more intense than I thought it would be, but better than when we did this assignment on their own.

The rest of the day was dealing with new email, and continuing triage for things I couldn’t address yet.


This morning started with a Teaching Strategies class on ID Models. I haven’t put up the blog post yet, but when I do it will be here. Last class people wanted to see more active learning examples, so we did a group activity (again, to be explained on the blog).

Next up I did a First Year Seminar class on Well Behaved Women Rarely Make (Scientific) History with our Science Librarian, Sarah.

I met with one of our subject liaisons to talk about copyright, creative commons, and images on the web.

I left work early since I had the 13 hour shift on Wednesday. Since leaving I participated in T is for Training for the first time. I’m about to head out the door to UNCG to film a colleague for a minute, and to get a yummy vegan dinner. :) Hopefully I can write up the T is for Training experience later this evening!

It’s been a very busy week, but a very good one. Lots of really fun and interesting work.

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