My Innovation in Instruction Presentations

I gave a session and co-presented a session at the Innovations in Instruction Conference at Elon University.  My first session had probably about 70 people in the room. It was a great crowd: engaged, ready to contribute, asked good questions… I had a really good time.  Here is that presentation:

Learning From The Context

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My second presentation was given with Jolie Tingen. We had a smaller group, but they were also engaged. We had some good conversations about ways people are incorporating literacies into their classes and the skills that students have to have to be able to participate. That presentation is here:

Convergence Litercies

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It’s a crazy time of year to pull together presentations with course planning and back-to-school events to plan, but I’m really glad to have been able to give sessions at this conference and to give back to an event that I look forward to every year. Good stuff!