things i love that i’m late catching up on

How to be “Online Cool on a Budget” by Rachel Singer Gordon and Michael Stephens

Two memes I love: A Biblioblogger Visits the Local Branch Library and The User is Not Broken

Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder, discourages the academic use of his creation. He actually suggests a common sense approach, IMHO.

Comparison of Traditional & Web 2.0 Based Instructional Design via Tame The Web. Look for more on this at my Media Literacy/Instruction/Information Literacy blog.

Also via Tame The Web, David King has a GREAT list on things to condsider when implementing social software: What does your library plan to offer using this new service? What are the library’s goals for establishing this new service? Can the advertising be minimized by paying a fee or by choosing certain categories? Does the service meet the library’s strategic goals? Who’s going to maintain this new service? And most important: if it’s successful – what’s next?

And Andrew Pace has a blog.

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