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Social Bookmarking: What are the Implications for Teaching and Learning (poster presentation)

Cathy Carpenter, Georgia Tech
Brian Mathews, Georgia Tech

Poster presentation began with an introduction to social software and some standard examples.
Followed up with a definition of social bookmarking and tags.

Talked about, Furl, CiteULike, and Connotea and how social bookmarking allows for information discovery.

Pointed out CiteULike works with a lot of library databases and includes a watchlist.

Collaborative Research: some social bookmarking sites allow for group collaboration.
Applications for teaching and learning: Flickr to take pictures that relate to class topic,

Tag clusters relay new meaning.

Mentioned Penn Tag project and Library Thing.

Discussed folksonomy vs. taxonomy. Pointed out that both are strong when used together (have different strengths).

Implications for information literacy: using social bookmarking to share sites with users. “The idea is to be where our students are.”

Concerns: authority issues, need more info lit training, privacy, and copyright.

Concluded with a discussion of the remix culture, their trust of peers over experts, specialization, and informal learning.

Overall, not much new here for people who have been following the discussion the whole time, but a great introduction for those who aren’t familiar with the topic!

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