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Online Resources for Future Librarians

August 6th, 2009 laurenpressley Comments off

The past few weeks have been great for people who are looking for information about what librarians do right now.

First, check out the Library Day in the Life project. It was created by the fabulous Bobbi Newman to provide a way for librarians, and others in libraries, to share what they do with the larger world. This has been very nice for those of us in libraries to learn what other library folks do, but is particularly useful for people just getting interested in the field, who want to see what a day in the life is really like. I’ve blogged this in the past, but had to miss this year because I was on vacation.

Also check out the post So, you’re thinking about becoming a librarian? by Erin Dorney. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to talk to librarians to see what they have to say. And talk to a bunch, all of our perspectives are based on our own specific context. Erin gives some great answers, so click on through to read it. :)

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