I believe in libraries as institutions and that the world is a better place because of them. I work to help libraries, and those that work in them, adapt to new and emerging needs of our patrons. I strive to ensure that future generations will continue to see their library as a cultural cornerstone that provides information, resources, expertise, and spaces for local communities. I do this by:

  • integrating the library into formal and informal learning,
  • demonstrating how design can make libraries better,
  • exploring and explaining how the evolving information environment changes our users' expectations and experience of the library,
  • coaching organizational change, and
  • using this skill set to help shape the future of libraries.

My Work:

I am the Director of Learning Environments and Associate Professor at Virginia Tech University Libraries. I lead the Learning Environments team of 27 library employees serving in the Reference, Circulation, Roving Services, Learning Spaces, Online Learning, and Events (both academic programming and community engagement) units. This team connects a number of services and spaces to enhance situated learning for the entire Virginia Tech community as well as the larger New River Valley.

My professional interests include strategic planning, organizational development and improvement, change management, design of library services, formal and informal learning, the evolving information environment, and the future of libraries.

My projects:

  • A keynote for Maryland's public college and university libraries' community of practice for mid-level managers and supervisors on "Managing Change in Academic Library Departments and Workflows" on June 8
  • A presentation on "Orienting New and Non-Librarians to Library Culture" with Rebecca Miller and Sita Williams for VLACRL in October
  • Co-Chairing¬†Library Pipeline
  • Co-Authoring a book on Learning Theories for ACRL
  • Co-Authoring a SPEC Kit on liaisonship¬†for ACR
  • Guest Editing an issue of the Journal of Web Librarianship on Digital Humanities
  • Serving as a councilor for the American Library Association